Archetypes, History nerds, and Feminists… Oh my!

We’re off to see the Wizard! Well… maybe not. But I am talking about the Archetypal, Historical and Feminist forms of Criticism!

Sine the last post, we have looked at three different types of Criticism, with three different children’s books.

Feminist Criticism saw us revisiting Silverstein’s Giving Tree. Here is the powerpoint from class: Feminist Criticism, and here is the article: feminist crit

For Archetypal criticism we took a JOURNEY into Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Stendak. Here is a link to the PPT for this one: Archetypal Criticism, and another for the brief reading: archetypal crit.

Finally, for Historical Criticism/New Historicism, we took a brief look into my all-time favorite Dr. Seuss story: The Butter Battle Book. Here is the PPT: Historical Criticism and here is the redaing: historical crit.

For another look-through, here is a link to a computer reading the book:

Here is a link to only the text:

The Next two links are the two part cartoon that they made out of the book in 1989:


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