Ethos, Logos and Pathos

Now for you Juniors – I realize that I have not updated this for a little while (sorry) but now that you’re well into a project I feel like I should post some resources for you.

As you should know, we have been looking at the use of Ethos, Logos and Pathos in speeches.

We began with a refresher PPT (Jan 3 – logos ethos pathos) and a short assignment (review – ethos, logos and pathos) allowing for some practice. Then you applied what you learned to an analysis of the 1st 15 minutes of the movie An Inconvenient Truth (inconvenient truth – 1st 15 minutes).

After watching the beginning of the film, you were assigned to write a 1 paragraph explanation of how Al Gore (speaker) used ethos, logos and pathos, to convey his message to the people of the world (audience).

The next speech we looked at was a short address to the United Nations General convention by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold at the UN). You were given a similar write-up assignment for this one as well. The audio can be found here:

Finally, we transitioned into the first of two major assessments for this unit: a group-based presentation of an assigned speech.

Here are the assigned groups:

Period 4 Period 6 Speech:
Xiao Jun, Michelle, Hannah Ashley, Abel, Patrick  Red Jacket
Mei, Lucas, Jennifer Danae, Joshua, Seiji  Thoreau 
Aidan, Austin, William Jonny, Gwen, Weihung  Douglass 
Shu, Drew, Brian Hunter and Blake  Chapman Catt 
Enoch, Miles, Madeline Danny and Austin  Will Rogers 
Connie, Sunhee, Ema Uday and Nicholas  FDR 
Luke, Chris, Tyler Billy, Yun Sung, Forest  Patton 
Bryan, Alexander, Jonathan Judson and Tyler Y  Kennedy
Marikah, Kevin, Sean Tyler N and Omar  Malcolm X 
Mason, Tom and Jessica  Chavez
Group 10: Lenna, Lewis, Avinash Amanda, Ben, Jayme Birch

Here are the resources for this part:

Unpacking the Assessment

Speech Presentation Assignment and rubric

patrick henry

speech 3 – red jacket

speech 4 – thoreau

speech 5 – douglass

speech 6 – suffrage

speech 7 – prohibition

speech 8 – FDR

speech 9 – Patton

speech 10 – kennedy

speech 11 – Malcolm X

speech 12 – chavez

speech 13 – christian coalition


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