Jane Eyre and Gender Issues – Discussion Homework

The following is the final slide (the homework) from our class discussion today, focused on Jane Eyre and gender issues.
This is meant to be an extension of our discussion from class. Type up all of those things that you didn’t get to (or offer to) say in class.
•Given our discussion of gender in Jane Eyre, connect our preliminary assessment of Bronte’s use of setting to your new understanding of Bronte, Jane and gender issues in the Victorian era
•Two paragraphs typed
Go back to our quick-write question: Jane Eyre and gender issues – what was Bronte’s intention?
Think about Jane’s progression – maturity-wise, her level of employment, her intelligence, her status, etc. – as she goes from one place to the next in the novel, and how that connects to the gender related issues that she encounters in each location. Also consider the other female characters that she encounters in each setting, what aspects of society they represent, and how they are “dealt with” by the character and the author.

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