AP Lit – Final poem, and first online submission

Our block days were split between two tasks; comparing the poems “Passionate Shepherd” and “The Bait”, and introducing the final poem of the first five that we are reading, “My Last Duchess”. The comparison of the two poems is based on an AP essay question. Your assignment was to write a thesis and develop an outline that would satisfactorally answer the posed prompt. See the worksheet here: Marlow Donne Comparison Prompt.

Finally, we read and began analyzing the poem “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning (attached: Browning – My Last Duchess) which you were supposed to finish for homework, and bring with you to class.

Your homework for the weekend is to complete/revise any of the first five analyses that you have done thus far (First Grade, The School Children, The Passionate Shepherd…, The Bait, and My Last Duchess), save them to a single word document, and upload them to www.turnitin.com. Make sure to do so by midnight on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!