Sept 4 – CompGov – Ideology Resources

“Political Ideology Links”

-Compiled by Mrs. Evans (Ms. Burdick)

There are all sorts of quizzes of political ideology on the web. They are of varying quality and reliability. Some of them have an agenda to steer respondents one way or another. Some are just not written that well. Some are just plain wacky. Be aware of all this as you take the quizzes. Despite these caveats – the quizzes can be a lot of fun.

The Pew Research Center – Find out where you fit in on their typology scale. Not a traditional lef/right. More descriptive.

I Side With – figure out which party is closest to your views. Lots of options on this quiz.

The Nolan Chart – Answer ten, rather detailed questions and find out where you are on an ideological chart.

Vote Match Quiz – you can pick which candidate is closest to you on issues.

The World’s Smallest Political Quiz – Ten questions and you’re done. This is a libertarian site.

How liberal or conservative are you? – The quiz will generate code for you to put on your own website if you have one. But you can still use the results to figure out where you stand.

Political Ideology Quiz – find out if you’re a fascist, anarchist, libertarian or just a Democrat or Republican.

Politopia – The land of custom-made government

Idealog – Place yourself on the conservative/liberal spectrum and libertarian/communitarian spectrum. Take the Self-Test.

Just For Fun…These are not ideology quizzes to use for the assignment, but are fun, nonetheless

Libertarian Purity Test – Find out how libertarian your views really are. =-)

Glass Booth – This isn’t really an ideology quiz, but one to pick which 2008 candidate you most closely match. What is neat is that you get to pick which issues matter to you and then it generates questions just based on those issues.

Are you a Socialist or a Capitalist?– rather a simplistic quiz, but still entertaining

USA Today Candidate Match

ABC News Candidate Match 


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