October 2&3 – Lit – Intro to Hamlet

On this most notorious day, our class hast begun a visual perusal of that most nefarious form of torture and drudgery… a reading of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  You know I don’t actually believe that. The bard’s tragic tale of the doomed prince of Denmark (not a spoiler) is a complex yarn intended to allow the reader/viewer a window into the mentality of a conflicted young man questioning not only his relationships with others, but also his motivations in life, and even the nature of reality. It is a wonderfully complex and artfully designed story that completely deserves it’s (unofficial) title as the best-know and most-loved work of Shakespeare.

It has been interpreted (and reinterpreted) countless times since it was first presented in the late 16th century.

Students will be reading, and yes, interpreting, the play Hamlet for the next six weeks or so. The reading will be accompanied by guiding questions and entries in a reading journal, which is meant to show engagement with the reading.

Here are the resources for the first day:

Oct 2-3 – Intro to Hamlet

1-1 Questions

Hamlet Reading Log Assignment

The homework is to complete the first (three-part) journal entry for the play (Act 1, Scene 1… or i:i)