Oct 23 – Gov – The Federal Budget

Today, during the block period, after debriefing the activity from Tuesday we took a look at the federal budget, and the elements of our society and government that impact it. Besides getting upset while considering the implications of our national debt, and growing angry at the implications of Social Security, students also watched a video – IOUSA: Solutions – to encourage further thought, not about problem, but about potential solutions.

The homework is to come to class on Friday with notes for all of chapter 13, which means that students should be adding notes from sections 13.3 and 13.4 to those they should have completed for class today.

The following PPT was used in class today: Oct 23 – Gov – The Budget (be sure to check the notes section of the PPT for additional information about each slide.

The following videos can be reviewed on youtube.com at any time:

IOUSWA: Solutions:

IOUSA – Original

IOUSA – Byte-sized – 30 minute version

OR – you might want to just look around on the video page of the IOUSA youtube channel – some of the other (bonus and live) resourse are quite interesting