Nov 13 – Gov – Update

We have successfully finished our congressional simulation! I say “successfully” of course, knowing that we have only passed a single bill between the House and the Senate… a rate which is about the same as that by which bills pass the US Congress.

We did a few things today in class, the first of which was to complete the We Care Survey! Yay!

The second item on our agenda was the passing back of the Unit 2 test, which begins our one-week window for test corrections… meaning that all test corrections must be completed by the end of tutorial on Thursday.

The remainder of the period was spent debriefing our week-long congressional simulation, and relating the experience to the reality of congress itself. Much of the content (including the writing/reflection prompts) of the debrief can be found in the following ppt: Nov 13 – Comp – Congress Debrief

Homework this evening (due Friday) is to print, read and annotate the following article, which is about Gerrymandering: