Jan 17 – Gov – Weekly Update

This week, the Comp Gov class took a look at the workings of the UK Parliament, and the party system.

PPT from Monday:

I was absent Tuesday, but students were giving the following instructions by the sub:

Give students copies of the reading “Q&A: Electoral reform…” and the associated reading questions. Students should read and annotate the article, and complete the worksheet.

When they are finished, hand out the “Explore UK Political Parties” instruction sheet, and randomly assign students a party by giving them a copy of one of the “Party Profile” articles. By doing so, you should end up with groups of three or four.

Once everyone is finished, allow groups to work together to compile information and research their parties (they may use their phones to research). You may have them start presenting (listening students should take notes), but if they run out of time, tell them they will present first thing tomorrow in class.

Thursday I walked students through the major party history of the UK, and assigned a few documents regarding devolution and the NHS for homework.


The homework for the weekend is to read a few articles about the EU. You can find them (and pdf copies) linked here: