Citation for HoD Lit Crit Essay

To cite the articles from class, use the following format:

      Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Chapter.” Heart of Darkness: Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism. Ed. Ross Murfin. Ney York: Bedford St. Martins, 2010.
The lines that I made bold above (note: un-bold it in you work’s cited list… none of it should be bold) are the ones you should change.
For each of the explanatory packets on the critical lenses, insert the title in the space above (between the quotations) and omit the “author’s name” and leave the rest as is.
For each of the critical essays that you use, insert the author’s name and the title in the appropriate spaces, and leave the remainder as is.
In case you want it, here is a copy of the rubric (HoD Final Essay Rubric) and here is a copy of the peer editing sheet (Critical Analysis Peer Editing)
Remember to submit your essay to before classtime tomorrow… even if you’re not going to be there